Perfume: The Story of a Murderer – Quickview

Scents, bodies and murders.

This movie is twelve years old.

Twelve. It’s been a long time and I had not even heard about it. And if you haven’t either, I suggest you go and watch it.

I am not a big fan or art movies or indie movies or drama movies, for that matter (more on that in the future), but this? This is great. This is amazingly beautiful and hypnotizing.

On movie nights at home we share the choice privileges in my house and this time it was my girlfriend’s choice, which meant a german movie about a french person in the 18th century. Of course.

So I give in and just sit my ass down and watch. The attention to details in this movie is fantastic. The photography is amazingly well done and the rhythm of absolutely everything is just perfect. Every step of the way you can follow what’s happening and it’s just a joyful ride from beginning to end.

Technically speaking, this movie is above average, even if it was not the best ever, it is worth calling attention to the most technical aspects. The colors, the light, the camera positioning, the music, the cuts. Everything in this movie has an ideal place and the director nailed it every single time. Props to Tom Tykwer, whom I’d never heard of before this.

Then we have the actors. The main character is played by a man that is still unknown, seeing as how he is now the new Q in James Bond. It’s interesting to say the least. Ben Whishaw is fantastic as the titular murderer and manages to render a unique idea for the character. Then we have some heavy-hitters like Dustin Hoffman and Alan Rickman who bring a very nice balance to the show. It’s great. Unfortunately the ladies, though central to the plot, are a bit obscured here and that is disappointing.

The story itself is incredible and you simply must see it through to the end. I was slightly disappointed by the finale, but nothing is perfect. It is entrancing, though.

So, go ahead and watch this movie. It’s time well-spent. Go for it.

Go on, go all in.


How do you like it?

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