NaNo Adventures

It’s almost here. The end of November also brings with it the end of the greatest challenge of the year: the National Novel Writing Month.

So far I have written about 40k words and it seems I’ll never arrive at those 50k that are so dreamed of. I was already prepared for this, seen as this was a very agitated and complicated november. Everything was different, starting from the fact that this year I decided to write in Italian instead of English. But this was the cherry on top of the challenge. I’ve had some problems in my house, some problems in my heart, some problems in my pockets and finally some problems with time.

So writing in italian is a challenge because I can speak quite fluently and with minimal errors, but I have seldom written in Italian, making this the hardest 40 thousand words I have ever written in my life. This year was very much like the first time I competed in the NaNo. I was blinded by the possibilities and never really prepared anything to give a solid direction to the story. Things kind of happened as they came to my mind. And thanks yet again to those who are helping me (as of November 27 I’m still writing in hopes of finishing it soon) right now with the story in grammar and style.

So far I’m satisfied with what has been accomplished and I hope I can finish the story sooner rather than later. So, if you are an italian reading this, be prepare, because it is very possible this book will see the light of day sooner rather than later.

Stay tuned for more news regarding the new book: “Lo Scriba”



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