Another book, finally


I’m am speaking to the void and to those who were gracious enough to buy my first book in digital format.

I come to you again.

We all do. Finally, i’ve finished editing, preparing, making and remaking things on this, the second part of the Grand Tour.

Titled The Grand Revenge, this book in particular is set one year after the end of the first book and continues the adventures of Tom and Gus, the two Earthlings that dared cross the threshold of space into unknown areas of the Universe.

Of course, like last time, this will definitely turn into an adventure of unthinkable proportions to them and to you, reader.

In the very near future the book will be made available and I will make sure to notify you as soon as it happens, so stay tuned and make sure you’re ready for this second part of their travels through space.


It’s out!

Look, it took me a long time to finish all of this. I worked hard. I worked long hours. I had arguments and long fights with people. I stubbed my toe. I drank so much coffee they declared national emergency in Italy.

So, without further ado I give you: The Grand Revenge, where Fargos Tellaris tries to take his revenge on the likes of Thomas Rand, Gustav Rinkler, Professor Walker and Eric Red for their disrespect in the last story.

You can pay actually ZERO for this book. And I have to say: I understand if you are hesitant to buy something that can be gotten for free. Maybe it’s a horrible book, right?

Wrong. I just believe in paying whatever you want or can.

So, here. The link to buy.

feel free to drop me a line with comments and critics.

Inevitable Delay

So, apparently things decided to happen all at once, though I could have foreseen some of it happening all together.

The good news is: i’m moving away from my currently oppressive apartment and into a fresh one, slanted floor and cracked tiles to boost. But hey, I won’t be jumping around a lot, hopefully.

The bad news is: i’m moving in two weeks (less actually) and i am in rush mode to get everything in order so i won’t find myself without water, gas and electricity. Unfortunately, I have been informed that the transfer of the internet connection from one house to the next will be costly and will take about a month. So, seeing as how there are 1,000 (One thousand) priorities in my life, i decided that moving was number 1 (Who’s A-Number One?) and pushed a lot of other projects to the side for the time being.

The book will be hanging, waiting for the time to be published and bought by you, loyal buyer of amazing books on sci-fi and other themes that are present in my upcoming novel.

My YouTube channel will also suffer from it as I will have very little time to edit and record for the next few weeks. So, I will have a reduced presence on the internet.

There are other projects I’m working on at the moment, but those will have to remain a secret for the time being.

I hope this post finds you well and in good health. And if not, I hope you get better.

Yours truly,

The Writer.