YouTube and Video Games

So, i’ve been missing from my blog for quite some time, i know. I’ve been so busy lately (lie) that i can’t really keep it up. (not that, you dirty mind)

So, my creativity has been a bit down on the dirt for some time, maybe because i haven’t written anything good in over a year, but who knows for sure.

Last november I participated on a NaNoWriMo and a book contest here in Italy, where i have my man cave, and recently received an email saying i was NOT selected for publishing.

I was sad.

For about a minute. In all honesty, i haven’t been bringing my a-game when it comes to writing, because i have giving it my all to something else entirely: My YouTube channel.

I am glad to say that although i have very few subscrubers, i still publish videos daily (i try), and sometimes i have nothing else to look forward to in my days. It’s sad, from a point of view, but hey, I can’t really complain. If i’m going to stress out over writing and get absolutely no return from it after over ten years writing, i’m just gonna take it easy and do something else I love: playing video games and sharing my experience with whoever wants to watch.

Maybe the concept is alien to you, but I’m sure it’s not alien to everyone. So, i’ll be trying to stay alive as a writer, but the more i try, the harder i work, the less satisfied i get. And i don’t want writing to become a dull thing. I write because i love stories and i love telling good and fun stories. And that has become a sort of a chore. So, i’ll just be taking a break from writing and focus a bit on other things.

But I should be delivering a second outing of a book very soon, if some people would finish their part of the job.

So, in conclusion, i’m just playing games and having fun. Her,e have the link:

This is the latest episode. Take a look and see if you like it and if it could be pleasing to another person, maybe share it with them.

As far as writing goes, try downloading my book from here:

Good watching and/or good reading.

Thanks for all the love.


NaNo Adventures

It’s almost here. The end of November also brings with it the end of the greatest challenge of the year: the National Novel Writing Month.

So far I have written about 40k words and it seems I’ll never arrive at those 50k that are so dreamed of. I was already prepared for this, seen as this was a very agitated and complicated november. Everything was different, starting from the fact that this year I decided to write in Italian instead of English. But this was the cherry on top of the challenge. I’ve had some problems in my house, some problems in my heart, some problems in my pockets and finally some problems with time.

So writing in italian is a challenge because I can speak quite fluently and with minimal errors, but I have seldom written in Italian, making this the hardest 40 thousand words I have ever written in my life. This year was very much like the first time I competed in the NaNo. I was blinded by the possibilities and never really prepared anything to give a solid direction to the story. Things kind of happened as they came to my mind. And thanks yet again to those who are helping me (as of November 27 I’m still writing in hopes of finishing it soon) right now with the story in grammar and style.

So far I’m satisfied with what has been accomplished and I hope I can finish the story sooner rather than later. So, if you are an italian reading this, be prepare, because it is very possible this book will see the light of day sooner rather than later.

Stay tuned for more news regarding the new book: “Lo Scriba”


Ideas for NaNoWriMo 2016

So, just the other day  I decided to share the ideas I’ve had so far for this year’s NaNo. I have some boiling in the furnace, but these here are some outlines for the most basic ideas. I already sent it to a friend to see her opinion on the matter.

I should think maybe you guys would like to read. Let me know what you think. Which one of these ideas would like to see becoming a book soon?

The fantasy:

Three friends decide to join forces and go about on an adventure for glory and riches.

One mage, one rogue and one warrior get together to help a small village and end up in a deeper adventure than they had expected.

They are pulled into conspiracies and battle for the survival of life in all the world before they can even understand what is happening.

Thrust into the jaws of despair the three must fight, and survive, harder and harder challenges on the road to glory and riches.

The Thief gathers the three in search of an artifact to sell. Once they get their hands on such artifact and take it to the man who asked for it, they are betrayed and must escape.

The Sci-Fi:

In a future where society works like clockwork and its people control all the aspects of their lives, a man dreams unexpectedly.

He finds himself the subject of discussion and chaos as the power that rule over society try to understand what is happening. Meanwhile, the rebels who brought him to the limelight are trying to convince him there’s a better life outside the jail he was put into by his superiors.

He does not mean to take sides, but sides are going to pick him.

The Horror:

In a small city, death seems to be setting up shop. People have been disappearing mysteriously and showing up gored.

An inspector, a journalist and a nurse band together to understand what is happening.

With no idea of where to start, they start to peel off the horrors that the city has been hiding for hundreds of years.

All across the city, horrible accidents seem to be happening with no connection to the disappearances and people start to go insane for no apparent reason.

The Sci-Fi Horror:

What is more frightful than death?

Knowing you cannot escape it?

Knowing that you’re next?

Or knowing your ship is the last chance for humanity?

In this sci-fi horror, the pilot of a spaceship sees himself trapped by his crew and their insanity as they spend more and more time in their confined and limited space.

In time the captain must find out who is truly responsible for the deaths that have been taking place all over the ship.

The cargo in question? Humanity’s last survivors.